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2 Day course includes DOT-49 CFR training and Air Transport-IATA compliance requirements

(Training also available in IMDG and FRA)
Complete your federal requirements for Transporting Hazardous Materials or Wastes by Highway, Water, Air or Rail if needed.
All attendees receive Course Training Manual

Our Hazmat Courses

This comprehensive workshop can fulfill the DOT and IATA requirements. Dot is a one day seminar and a two day seminar for IATA. Our hazmat training courses provide key coverage of the most current hazmat transportation regulations to help you assess your compliance efforts and fulfill mandatory recurrent training requirements. Hazardous waste is covered depending on the needs of the class.

Our two day seminars provide a review of the DOT and IATA regulations which govern shipments of Hazardous Materials. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have demonstrated an understanding of the basic compliance skills needed to prepare, offer or accept shipments of hazardous materials for ground and air.

We will cover the new GHS (Global Harmonization System) label requirements and explain the differences between the DOT labels and GHS labels.

Employees will learn the changes to Limited Quantities, Consumer Commodities and the new Lithium Battery requirements will also be covered.

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You should attend if you:
  • Classify hazardous materials
  • Package hazardous materials
  • Mark and label packages
  • Placard vehicles
  • Prepare shipping papers
  • Offer or accept hazardous materials for shipment
  • Load or unload hazardous materials
  • Operate transport vehicle
  • Supervison of HazMat employees
  • Manufacture containers for hazardous material shipments
  • Test or certify packages for hazdous material
  • Ship Lithium Batteries
  • Consumer Commodities
Hazard Icons - Corrosive & Spontaneously Combustible

Group of People Listening to Instructor

Learn the steps to compliance
  • General Awareness of the 49 CFR Regulations
  • International Air Transport Regulations (IATA)
  • Emergency Response Information
  • SDS and Hazard Communication
  • Global Harmonization Requirements
  • Hazard Class Determination
  • Finding the Proper Shipping Name
  • Preparing Shipping Documents
  • Performance Packaging
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Placarding Vehicles
  • Driver Training and Security of shipments
  • Written security plan
  • Additional requirements for air shipments
  • Security training

Pacific Training can offer you a wide variety of training to meet your company's specific hazmat needs. The 16 hour course covers DOT and IATA requirements. The 8 hour DOT class is designed for companies that handle a variety of hazardous materials for ground shipment. This course includes General Awareness, Safety, Security, Function Specific, Driver Training and Emergency Response Information. We offer a 4 hour General Awareness course for smaller companies that handle just a few hazmat shipments. We can tailor these training courses to fit your needs and meet the DOT requirements.

This course includes general awareness training to train your employees to identify hazardous materials in the transportation system and the proper regulations to ship or receive these products. It will cover shipping papers, UN performance packaging, marking, labeling and materials. We include safety training with respect to the proper use of the emergency guidebook. Security training and written security plans are covered. IATA course must be updated every 24 months. DOT, FRA, IMDG must be repeated every 36 months.

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